Monday, March 28, 2011

Reception Hall-FOUND!

Welp, I think we've found our reception hall!!  The first place we look, we like it!  How awesome is that!  The exact same thing happened when I tried on my first wedding gown...fell in love.  Which is amazing because I rarely ever find the perfect anything first time around...I'm so picky so I usually have to go three or four different places, even to find just an outfit to go out in!  So finding this reception hall has taken a lot of my mind already!  The best part about it is it's less than five minutes away from our church!  So here's a picture of one half of the ballroom...
Dark photo-but I found it on their website so it's all I had.
Obviously with my decorations, a little lighting, and our slideshow playing on all the screens, it will look a million times better!  There are flat screens in each corner, so I thought after the first time of playing our slide show on the big screen, we could just have it running on the televisions the rest of the night.

So this is where we will have our ceremony....our wonderful, beautiful church-Southwood Lutheran
Love this place.

The sanctuary...

Ignore the lift in this photo--I found it online, but these rafters are one of my favorite parts about our sanctuary!
Someone else's wedding--I think I'm going to love our pictures here!


I can't wait to get married!!!!


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